Hurricane Preparedness

Financial Hurricane Preparedness Tips

  • Keep important financial information and identification safe and accessible: Important documents you will not need immediately following an event should be placed in a waterproof bag or container and stores in a safe place.
  • Create an emergency fund: Make sure if is sufficient enough to sustain you and your family if you are required to evacuate.
  • Keep plenty of cash on hand: Extended power outages could prevent you from accessing ATMs, using your credit/debit card at retailers or using a check for payment if merchants are unable to perform proper verification.
  • Do not wait until the last minute to withdraw cash: Just like lines are long at grocery stores and gas stations in the days leading up to an impending hurricane, the same goes for financial institutions.
  • Sign up for e-services like Direct Deposit, Bill Pay, and Internet or Mobile Banking: If you have to evacuate, do not waste time depositing checks by hand or making payments via mail. Postal delivery can be delayed by the storm. Automated payments can help you focus your energy on other storm preparations.
  • Review your insurance policies before hurricane season starts: Call us to make sure you have enough coverage on your vehicles and yourself in the event of a hurricane. SOME policies require at least 30 days to take effect

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